"The earth shall be filled with knowledge

of the Lord."

-Isaiah 11:9

Flower Line Art

What is a Mary Garden?

Flower Line Art

For centuries gardeners, homemakers, and religious men and women have kept beautiful gardens devoted to our Blessed Mother. In these gardens, different flowers represented the attributes and virtues of Jesus, Mary and the Saints. As stained glass windows ornamenting a cathedral tell a story, flowers were used to tell the story of our Catholic faith. Over the years, these beautiful names, stories and legends have been passed down through successive generations. Today gardens devoted to Mary can be found throughout the world near churches, schools, and in backyards. Mary Gardens invite visitors to stay, pray and reflect on the beauty of our Catholic faith.

Mary’s Garden

of Flowers

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Mary’s Garden of Flowers: A Bible & Nature Study is a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum for Catholic homeschoolers ages 4-10.

Each lesson consists of:

  • A Bible story and/or book with discussion
  • Copy work
  • Poem Memorization
  • Flower, Music & Picture Study
  • Craft

Perfect for church or homeschool, students will learn the parts & religious names to many common flowers. In addition, students will be encouraged to start their own Mary Garden!

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Hello, I'm Melissa!

I am a Catholic homeschooling mom of 8 wonderful kids, happily married to my best friend of 21 years! My fascination with flowers began at a very young age and I associate this love with the Blessed Mother. I often think back to Catholic school May Crownings, the scent of roses filling the air. We had a small prayer garden at school called "The Grotto". I always loved being in this garden, tall trees filtered out the sweltering sun, a beautiful statue of Mary looked upon us as we played and prayed; I never wanted to leave. The beauty of this garden increased my faith. My hope is to encourage others to start similar gardens in their homes and churches! Let us plant flowers for Mary and she will in turn bring us closer to her son, Jesus!

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